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Winter Driving Checklist - How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Conditions

Winter weather can dramatically alter road conditions, bringing unique (and sometimes dangerous) challenges. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, it's best to mitigate the risks by making sure you pack the right equipment.

Winter will soon be arriving which means rain, snow, ice, slick roads, and everything in between. Holiday travel can be hazardous when Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate, but adequate preparation can minimize the risks associated with driving in winter conditions. Our staff at Bestcovery has compiled a list of must-haves to help you safely make the trek over the river and through the woods to visit grandma for the holidays.

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在恶劣天气驾驶时,前瞻性可见性是必不可少的,您的车辆的挡风玻璃刮水器是唯一可以帮助维护清晰视野的组件之一。不幸的是,当他们最需要的时候,通常会检测到磨损的刮水器。最好在让你今年冬天让你失望之前更换它们,我们已经编制了一个列表best replacement windshield wipers为你的便利。我们的首选Rain-X Latitude Premium Graphite Coated Wiper Blades,是一个绝对的全部选择,不会破坏银行。


Wiper blades will keep your windshield clean, but what about your mirrors and the rest of your windows? Rain-X produces our top pick for replacement windshield wipers, but they're much better-known for their window treatment chemicals. The hydrophobic formula clings to the glass and will make water bead off on contact, improving visibility in rain, snow, and sleet. ApplyRain-X窗口治疗到所有外部窗口,以确保最终的可见性。

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If you plan on driving in areas that get real winter conditions such as ice and snow, we strongly recommend fitting your vehicle withdedicated winter tires。All-season tires are a good compromise for most seasons, but very few of them can deliver a safe level of traction when snow and slush builds up on the roads. If you've never used winter tires before, they're a revelation when the temperature plummets and frozen roads are a real possibility. No tire can offer perfect grip in all conditions, but dedicated winter tires like the米其林X-ICEcan just about eliminate white-knuckle traction loss from unpredictable road conditions. Thedifference in performancebetween an all-season tire and a winter tire is so profound that even 2WD vehicles fitted with winter tires will outperform AWD/4WD vehicles equipped with all-season tires in winter conditions.




周末度假或快速欢呼山上撞击斜坡,冬季轮胎可能是过度的。在这种情况下,轮胎链是下一个最好的临时解决方案,直到您远离冬季条件。请记住,除非被指定或批准某些道路,否则在轮胎链上驾驶的许多司法管辖区是非法的,除非被指定或批准,例如雪堆山地通往您最喜爱的滑雪胜地的途中。我们编制了一个列表best tire chains如果您想了解更多关于我们的顶级选择。我们最喜欢的是Thule/Konig CG9。It may be a little more expensive, but ease of installation and materials to protect your alloy wheels ranks it the highest on our list. When it's well below freezing outside, the ability to quickly install chains suddenly becomes important.


Whether it's to install chains or perform a quick roadside repair, we always recommend putting on a good set of work gloves. One of the best gloves out there are theMechanix Original Covert Glove。它与单层手掌形成额外的灵巧,所以你可以尽快完成你需要做的事情并在路上回来。

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Any time you're stopped at the side of the road, it's absolutely crucial to alert other motorists to your presence. Road flares are one of the simplest and easiest ways to signal that you're stopped, and technology has enabled drivers to move away from the old pyrotechnic kind in favor of bright LED lights. The best of the bunch are bright enough to be seen in the worst weather conditions, and are shatterproof, rainproof, and can even float when submerged. Our recommendation is theGear Gurus LED Road Flares Kit; they're powered by three AAA batteries and are compact enough to bring multiple units without taking up valuable luggage space.

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由于不保证路边紧急情况仅在白天发生,请确保您提供照明选项。手电筒是一个明显的选择,但下行的是他们需要一只手(您的或助手)稳定光束。前照灯是一个很好的替代方案,因为光线沿着您的直接视线跟随,并使您的手自由为其他任务。Foxelli提供了一双前照灯,我们强烈推荐 - 该可充电模型and the standardbattery-powered model。The former is charged using a regular micro USB cable and provides up to 40 hours of light from a single charge, while the latter uses 3 AAA batteries as the power source. They're available in a wide range of colors, but we recommend picking a bright, high-visibility color such as Neon Yellow to make sure other motorists see you. Both models are rated IPX5 waterproof, meaning they'll survive if exposed to rain. These headlamps comfortable to wear for hours on end, and are durable enough to withstand rough treatment for years. Best of all, they're very affordable and widely available.

Preparation is key when it comes to safe winter driving, and there's really no such thing as being too prepared for extreme conditions. Be safe out there, and more importantly, have fun during this winter season!

Bestcovery Staff
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