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2021 Kia K5 EX Review

凭借新的名称和大胆的设计,Kia K5将再次扰乱中型轿车建立。

2021年起亚K5的中型轿车segm竞争ent. Formerly known as the Optima in the North American market, the K5 adopts a name change and injects an already good-looking sedan with even more style and technology.


  • Toyota Camry
  • 本田雅阁
  • 现代奏鸣曲
  • Mazda Mazda6
  • Nissan Altima
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Subaru Legacy

Disclosure: Kia provided a 2021 Kia K5 EX to evaluate for a week.

Quick specs:

  • 首发MSRP不包括目的地:LX FWD $ 23,490,LXS FWD $ 24,490,GT-LINE FWD $ 25,390,EX FWD $ 27,990
  • 经过测试的价格:32,355美元
  • 1.6L 4 cyl turbocharged engine 180 horsepower/195 lb-ft torque
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • 235/45R18 all-season tires, 18” painted alloy wheels
  • 1st row/2nd row Headroom w/Sunroof (Inches): 38.4/37.4
  • 1st row/2nd row Legroom (Inches): 46.1/35.2
  • 货物量后座(CU.FT.):16.0
  • 油箱(GALS):14.8
  • Fuel Economy (City/Highway/Combined MPG): 27/37/31
  • NHTSA Overall Safety Rating: 5 Stars

While most auto manufacturers are focusing their efforts on pumping out more and more new or redesigned SUVs, Kia has still dedicated some of its time to redesigning their ever-popular midsize sedan. This is not to say that Kia has forgotten to make SUVs, because the Kia lineup is bristling with excellent SUVs of all sizes. You can read about our thoughts on theTellurideandSeltos, but we're focusing on Kia's newest product this time around. While theStingergrabs most headlines with its aggressive-sounding name and gut-punching performance, the majority of Kia's sedans are quietly competent and represent sensible commuter vehicles.

Kia Sedan家族的最新成员是中等大小的K5,接管以前被最佳占据的位置。大多数美国买家都不会熟悉K5铭牌,但它是Optima在各种国际市场上佩戴,接近十年。在任何情况下,K5都竞争了一个与丰田凯美瑞和本田雅典等斯拔尔特的热竞争细分市场 - 但有一个捕获。随着近年来的交叉口和基于汽车的SUV的指数增长,即使是凯美瑞和雅典之类的主导球员也一直在努力从其各自的阵容中挣扎。为了试图给K5成功的最大机会,Kia在一个领域出来摇摆,许多完全良好的竞争对手都逐渐消失。

For starters, the K5 stands out with its premium design that further refines the overall language that defined the Optima since 2010. With a long hood and sloping, short trunk, the K5 adopts many of the styling cues found on pricier automobiles and benefits from rear-drive proportions as a result. The new vehicle is wider, longer, and lower than its predecessor, which all add up to its standout appeal. Even the base LX cars come equipped with sharp-looking alloy wheels and LED headlights, making sure that all K5 buyers are rewarded with a great-looking car. Take the badges off the car and you might be able to fool some luxury car owners; the same can't be said for the Camry or Accord. Not that we had complaints about the way the previous Optimas looked, but the K5 is a design knockout from any angle.

K5也拥有许多机械细化。以前的发动机都没有;相反,K5专门配备了公司新的SmartStream Engine系列(与企业兄弟姐妹Hyundai共享)的涡轮增压变体,代表清洁床单设计。每个K5的标准发动机(除了不可用的GT除外)是1.6L涡轮增压的4缸发动机,可产生竞争力的180马力,更重要的是 - 195年LB-FT的扭矩从低1,500 rpm。Kia再次将该发动机联系到8速自动变速器的趋势,而不是将其配备与此类别越来越普通的CVT。这种特殊的组合在日常驾驶中是彻头彻尾的看不见的,8速传输始终找到右齿轮,而发动机产生毫不费力的扭矩,而不会注意自身。即使在驾驶中,传输均匀偏转并充分发动机的输出。几乎总是欢迎更多的力量,但K5永远不会想要马力。AWD可提供LXS和GT线修剪级别; the LX and EX (as tested) are available exclusively with front-wheel drive.

As satisfying as the base engine is, Kia recognizes that some buyers will always demand more performance. The K5 GT was developed in response, and the on-sale date is scheduled for the very end of 2020. The GT trim replaces the former Optima SX Turbo, and the enhancements consist of much more than a simple cosmetic package. A 2.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine replaces the standard 1.6L mill, and the larger engine produces a stout 290 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque; the latter from just 1,650 RPM. An 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission replaces the 8-speed torque converter automatic unit, with correspondingly faster shift times and quicker reactions all-around. The GT will be available with front-wheel drive only, and AWD is not in the cards. While we haven't driven this particular model yet, the specs alone show that it will be more than competitive with the Camry V6 and the Accord 2.0T.

寻找过去的样式和规格表,K5有限公司ntinues to impress. Once again, Kia proves they genuinely know what real value looks like. As is the trend with modern vehicles, the K5 comes with a long list of standard driver assist features like forward collision avoidance with pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, lane keep and follow assist, and a backup camera that incorporates rear-cross traffic avoidance. Blind spot monitoring is standard in all but the base LX trim. Our EX-level tester adds rear parking sensors to the standard equipment list, but selecting the K5 GT-Line or higher opens up a "Premium Package" that includes even more active safety features to the already generous list. The forward collision avoidance is upgraded to a smarter system that detects cyclists whether travelling forward or turning at an intersection, avoiding the dreaded "right hook" hit that happens way too frequently in city centers. The Premium Package also nets adaptive cruise control with stop and go functionality in the GT-Line model. The EX Premium Package ups the ante with Kia's full highway driving assist that can accelerate, brake, and keep the car centered in the lane with minimal driver input. It also includes a parking collision avoidance system that can automatically jam the brakes on if a collision is imminent, preventing further inconvenience, repair bills, or headache-inducing insurance claims.

K5 EX的内部是全部愉快的空间 - 无需借口。外部设计写入检查内部的内容不仅仅是兑现,然后是一些。前排座位不会在奥迪或宝马中看起来不合时宜;它们在人造革中修剪,而不是任何人都会猜测。K5 EX包括带腰部支撑的动力驱动器座椅作为标准设备,两座前排座椅均享受3级热量和通风功能,而无需检查任何附加选件盒。每个K5还配备了双域自动气候控制,但只有顶级EX和GT型号可获得后呼吸声。明亮的全景天窗也是EX修剪水平的一部分;与某些汽车不同,K5包括一个电源阴影,可以减少上面的太阳眩光的量。中心堆叠朝向驾驶员倾斜,并在所有K5S中均由标准的8.0英寸触摸屏旋转;带嵌入式导航的10.25英寸单元在GT线及以上是可选的。 Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is standard across the board, in case you prefer your phone's interface over Kia's otherwise excellent system.

我们的K5 Ex测试仪配备了此修剪级别的鞋底选项包 - 上述EX Premium包,将已经装备精良的汽车进入近豪华领域。除了上述额外外,EX Premium包还赋予我们的测试仪,佳肴,如Bose 12扬声器音频系统,10路功率可调前座,带有驾驶员存储器,加热方向盘和带镜子的LED外部照明 -安装的转向信号中继器。K5 EX Premium拥有32,355美元的MSRP,拥有所有技术和奢侈品,您可以以惊人的价格询问。

Kia的努力延伸到规格和设备上,而K5则证明是凭借其出色的道路礼仪和可预测的处理来成为一个坚实的通勤伴侣。GT线和EX都接收18英寸车轮与Pirelli P-FOIL全赛轮胎,尽管设计之间的设计不同。LX和LXS型号配有16英寸合金轮,具有较窄的橡胶,而即将到来的K5 GT可获得19英寸的车轮,以支持其以性能为导向的任务。更广泛的(与基础装饰相比)Pirelli轮胎无疑有助于提高抓地力水平和满足的直接反应,但它以比等价剧院或符合的骑行的成本。这是任何手段都不愉快,但它明显比你每天的通勤车所期望的更硬。也就是说,K5 LX / LXS应该通过橡胶更多的16英寸车轮来提供抚摸机骑行,以缓冲较完美的道路的影响。

乘坐质量一边,K5在日常驾驶时发出引人注目的情况 - 特别是在交通包装的通勤时。随着交通量在持续的大流行期间慢慢恢复正常,Kia在智能巡航功能中的专业知识闪耀。K5在车道中间设法居中,而其直接竞争对手往往会在标记之间徘徊,并且能够在不恐慌的距离诱导制动应用的情况下保持其设定,或者在不可预测的条件下表现出“橡皮筋”的影响。即使当其他不太礼貌的司机突然切断前面,K5也像经验丰富的通勤者一样轻轻地放在刹车上。甚至在没有戏剧的情况下处理甚至停止转换 - K5在交通停止时平滑地将自身拖延到停止,并且一旦前进的汽车开始移动,就会向前推进。这是一个案例,其他制造商可以站立,从Kia的执行中学习或两个人。

尽管将市场份额失去了对交叉和SUV的不可阻挡普及,但Kia K5是吸引消费者的眼睛的注意力,否则将侧重于公司的更高屋顶的产品。唯一值得注意的缺点是它的边界速网骑行质量为班级,但即使这不足以让它无法赚取我们的推荐。在其潜在的剧本,剧烈的外线之间,方便和辅助技术的慷慨堆,以及高档,高质量的内部,具有出色的人体工程学,K5是中型轿车段的最佳顶级挑选。亚博账号登录它对我们仍然令人费解为什么Kia决定抛出着名的最佳绰号,支持完全通用的声音“K5”徽章,但最新的一代权将最佳的生物置于地图上,无疑将毫无疑问地提供竞争对手暂停。一种或另一个方式,对于购买新的中型轿车的人来说,这是一个双赢。

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